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Almost Love Story

A teddy bear called Rocky was falling from a window on the ninth floor. He hardly had time to think. The wind whistled in his ears. All of his life flashed before his eyes.

It all started many years ago, when he sat on the shelf of a huge department store. Beside him there were puzzles, balls, and dolls with pink cheeks. The glass doors opened soundlessly and a little blond girl entered the store. She looked pretty determined. The child held her mother’s hand and led her along the shelves. Her gaze was traveling from one toy to another. She was looking for something special. Suddenly, the girl noticed a soft teddy bear with a red and faithful heart attached to his silver chest. She pointed at him with her tiny finger and nodded approvingly. There was no wonder why she was enchanted by the toy. He had almost everything that a teddy bear should have had; four paws, two big blue eyes and soft fur. However, he had one minute defect; he had no tail. The mother of the girl did not like him, but her daughter insisted so passionately that even a heart made of snow would have thawed. She claimed the name of the toy was Rocky and that he was the only thing in the world which she needed.

The next memory which came to Rocky was the room of the little girl, his lovely friend, his Ida. He remembered pink walls, a big soft bed, where he was allowed to sit from time to time; a table, where he spent the majority of his time; and a big wooden chest full of toys, where he was left whilst the house was cleaned.

He remembered how Ida had grown up and cut off her beautiful golden hair. He recalled the bouquets of fresh flowers on her table which started to appear there regularly after one charming spring evening. They smelled awesome. They made Ida cheerful and excited.

In the evening, Ida often called her friends by phone and discussed her new boyfriend with them. When she was sad or furious, she would throw Rocky at the wall. However when she was in a good mood, she put Rocky on the sofa, beside her, and they watched movies together. Rocky was very happy with Ida. He felt that he could endure anything for her.

When the summer came, Ida’s boyfriend began to visit her room. They ate honey biscuits and drank strong black tea. He played guitar and told her funny stories. Ida listened carefully to the music and laughed at all of his jokes.

One evening, Ida returned home very sad. She looked at Rocky and said,

“You are the only loyal creature in the entire world.”

She hugged the teddy bear and started crying. If only he could speak, he would have told her that his heart was breaking to see her so unhappy. He wanted to comfort her, but he couldn’t.

The next day, the boyfriend appeared in Ida’s room. He was silent. There were no biscuits or tea for him this time.

“Why are you here?” Ida asked.

“I’ve come to take my guitar,” he answered.

“What you’ve done is unforgivable,” she said and her voice cracking with emotion, “I never wish to see you again in my life.”

After these words, she took poor Rocky and threw him at her ex-boyfriend. However, he stepped aside, and the only loyal creature in the world flew out of the window and plummeted downwards.

Rocky had recalled his entire life, all nine years of a wonderful friendship. The flight seemed to be an endless eternity to him. Eventually, Rocky had landed on the dirty road. If he had a tail, he would have lost it after such a strong blow. He sighed. “I survived. Lucky me…” thought he.

The evening was cold and unpleasant. People in dusky woolen hats were hiding their hands in their pockets. They were passing the silver-grey bear on a dark-grey road without paying him any attention. The dim light of lanterns were starting to emerge, while the colorful patchwork of windows was beginning to disappear. The noise of the last cars was fading away. The night devoured the world.

“Will she come to rescue me?” Rocky asked himself. But the hours passed and the street remained quite and still. Nobody came. Rocky felt that he was not only the most loyal teddy bear in the world, but also the loneliest one.

He lost all concept of time. He thought that the morning would never come. But, of course, it came. The sun rose high in the sky and the birds started singing. More and more people emerged on the street. They all hurried somewhere and did not notice the poor creature lying near the flowerbed, just under the high apartment block.

Suddenly, from the depths of the grey, indifferent street a little girl in a bright orange dress appeared. She was escorted by her grandmother. They were walking slowly. They did not have any reason to hasten. The grandmother was throwing bread crusts for hungry pigeons and the child was watching the birds with interest. When they came closer, the girl grabbed the bear and cried:

“Granny! Look, whom I’ve found! He is so cute! I will call him Corey.”

“Why?” answered Granny, unable to hide her astonishment, “He is so old and dirty. Besides, he has no tail as a proper bear should have. What do you need him for?”

“It’s true, he has no tail,” agreed the girl, “But does it really matter? He has such a big red heart!”

“All right,” said Granny, “But still, he is very dirty. His fur is covered with dust.”

“Granny, please,” asked the girl, “We have plenty of soap and water at home, we can give him a bath, can’t we?”

“I suppose so. Though, I still don’t understand why he seems so attractive to you.”

The girl smiled,

“Granny, just look into his eyes! I’m sure he is a faithful friend!”

© Halyna Rys

Editor: Emma Buckingham

5.09.2011, 26.11.2014

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